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About Us

PT.DIKARI AIR TATA INDONESIA, a total solution for HVAC.

We are PT. DIKARI AIR TATA INDONESIA, a total solution for HVAC. We were founded in July 2001 and based in Bogor, West Java, which are engaged in refrigeration and air conditioning systems of any scale and cover all cities in Indonesia. We are truly the solution to your HVAC problems, from planning, installation. audit, repair, maintenance, to the procurement of man power. This includes working on all HVAC units, from ordinary air conditioners to AHU (Air Handling Unit) and Chiller (Mechanical Chiller and Absorbtion Chiller).
Our many experience of more than 20 years we have worked with various clients and thousands of problems related to HVAC. We open cooperation with various agencies and companies, both in the context of development and maintenance. We also open business cooperation with a futures contract system, both related to goods, services, and placement of man power. We also provide services in energy audits for requirements related to environmental issues or production efficiency. At this time Air Conditioning System is a primary need in both industrial and residential environments to provide comfort for people. So we are the right choice to provide the best service with the best modern work systems, equipment, and employees.


Become a company that always has a high commitment and competence for continues exploring and developing the expertise and the capability of human resources both internally and externally in environmentally friendly of refrigeration and air system.


To provides and services any partner or industrial need which relate to refrigeration and air conditioning system.

Always improving the quality and satisfaction of services and results of work.

Always commitment for partner trust and best services.

Quick response and best after sales services..